This is a list of some of the programing projects I have done over the years. It is not comprehensive and has a focus on more recent projects that were small and were completed. I also have many more projects which were a bit too ambitious for their own good and never saw the light of day or were so tiny that they are not really interesting. This page doesn’t include any projects that are works in progress.

Hackathon projects

These projects were created at Hackathons by my teammates and I under a time constraint (usually about 48 hours).

Hack UCSC 2015

This was my first hackathon. My team of fellow Cabrillo students decided to build an app to make it easier to plan transfers between California State schools. We managed to scrape data from the existing website (which has very antiquated interface) and display it into more modern looking Bootstrap tables. Unfortunately, there is no live server for this project anymore but you can check out the source code at Github.

Hack UCSC 2016

During the second Hack UCSC I attended (and the third one ever) I joined a team at the event rather than forming one in advance. We worked on an app to connect charities to non-monetary donations in real time. We experimented with Firebase which we were all new to. The result was Support-Net. You can take a look at what we made here or view the source code.

Apps for Ag Hackathon

This hackathon was interesting because it was a lot smaller than Hack UCSC and had a very specific theme. I came into the hackathon not knowing much about what apps could be useful to agriculture. Luckily they had a large and interesting panel to suggest ideas and my team ended up working on an app to simplify filling out fertilizer and water usage forms. We called it Turbo Compliance and as usual you can see the source code.

Game Jams

This category of projects was made for Game Jams. These were primarily online events.

2015 Global Game Jams

This game jam came just a week after Hack USCS 2015. I went with some of the same teammates but some new ones as well. We decided to build a short humorous visual novel style game which we called Catastrophe Tip Line. As the game’s logic was fairly simple I did all the coding using AngularJS. You can play the game here (sound warning) and the source is also available.

AI Game Jam

This was an online game jam that I participated on my own. My idea was a game in which you would configure an A.I to play for you. Unfortunately, the A.I didn’t end up all that configurable. But I did have some fun messing around with planning algorithms. If you would like to see the game basically play itself, you can do so here. I never uploaded the source code for this one but if anyone has an interest I can put it up.


A few small projects of note

Maze Helper

This was a program built out of two homework assignments involving mazes. One was to generate a maze and the other to find paths through it. This program provides a JavaFX GUI to generate, view and find paths through these mazes. You can download it here it requires Java 8 to run. I won’t post the source code for this one because it contains the solutions to the homework assignments.

Tic Tac Toe Minimax

This was actually one of a number of small experiments with new algorithms using NodeJS. It was an implementation of Minimax and Alpha Beta using the simple game of Tic Tac Toe. You can find the code on github. It’s a command line application. Unfortunately, most of the other experiments with things like Markov models and recursive descent parsers were lost when my last computer was stolen.